Robyn Derdall

Working mainly in WordPress for ease of use and fast turnaround, I like helping out small businesses. Maybe your project is just getting started, or maybe you're half-way in and getting overwhelmed. I can help with offering hosting advice, to setting up a site for you to work on yourself, to designing and developing your customized business website. If you need some assistance with maintaining the plugins and themes, I can help with that too by providing an annual maintenance service.

Why 29?

Through no planning whatsoever, all three of my babes were born on the 29th of their month! Hence the name of my website.

babe1 babe2 babe3


I started by taking a Learn to Run class at the Running Room a few years ago and since then I've done a few 5km races and a 10km New Years Run. One of my favorite runs was on Castaway Cay on the last day of our Disney cruise! Most recently I was happy to run with my sister and cheer on my sister and cousin in the Run Like a Diva 5K/Half Marathon.

Next up is the Rocky Mountain Soap Women's 5K run in Canmore with my sisters! Hope we can make the hills. We are also going to try the Onesie Run...April.


I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science degree at Augustana University (now a satellite of the University of Alberta). I started work in Calgary in 1997 in the oil and gas sector and went through various roles in IT for 10 years. I started doing web development around 2005, customizing internal webpages for departments and creating custom applications, which led to business analyst work for HR.

In 2007, 2008 and 2011 my three babes arrived and after 10 years out of the traditional work force, I'm finding some time and passion for building websites for others. I completed an online web course to brush up my skills and found that I really missed technical thinking and learning new things. There is an overwhelming amount to learn, but I am happy to see the core concepts are still relevant.